about the unedit

At The Unedit, we proudly celebrate women for who they are and what they’ve achieved, rather than how much weight they’ve lost and how many hours a day they work out for.

We’re all about removing unattainable beauty standards and diet culture from the women’s lifestyle genre — proving that you can have a women’s publication without 10-day meal plans and cellulite remedies. Our hearts are set on helping lift up the women that the mainstream media have trodden down over the years with their damaging messaging.

And it’s not just yet another website idolising thin, white, cis, able bodies, either — we actively work to provide marginalised voices with a platform.

Inclusivity is one of our core values for us to ensure that The Unedit maintains a safe place for all bodies. We try our best to represent and amplify the bodies that you wouldn’t catch on the pages of the glossy magazines you see stocked in your local newsagents. Having been read by over 400,000 people in over 180 countries, our little corner of the internet offers a rare space for women to escape from society’s pressures and expectations.

behind the unedit

The Unedit is often referred to by its founder and editor, Terri Waters, as a happy accident. Started as a hobby to pass the time whilst undergoing some heavy medical treatment, The Unedit was met by a tidal wave of support, and it hasn’t slowed down since. With her professional background in high-end fashion magazines, Terri’s new platform gave her the perfect opportunity to direct her own narrative and focus on uplifting the bodies that her previous titles didn’t.

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