about unedited media

The current media landscape needs fixing, pronto. So why another media company, you ask? Because we’re here to revolutionise women’s lifestyle.

Modern media makes women feel guilt, shame, and unworthiness, just for existing in their bodies. Bullshit beauty standards that perpetuate diet culture’s ugliness tell women that they’re not good enough. Every. Single Day. On magazine covers, on social media feeds, on TV adverts.

Unedited Media believes that life is for living, not for shrinking. Eat the cake. Wear the dress. Go on that date. Carpe fucking diem, baby.

We’re all about self love, diversity, and authenticity. Our body positive projects put the bodies that the mainstream rejects, first. We work with brands that we believe in, schools and universities. We campaign for unedited, honest bodies in the media, body and sex positive education in schools, and for the support of marginalised groups and women’s rights. We create initiatives that inspire women to see beyond how they look, and make them feel empowered to live their truth, unabashedly happy.

Whilst The Unedit is our only live project currently, we’ve got lots going on behind the scenes. We won’t be spilling any beans just yet, but take it from us – there’s plenty in the pipeline to get excited about.

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