So, here's the story from A to Z...


About the Company

Unedited Media is a multifaceted company that specialises in women's lifestyle whilst simultaneously campaigning to uphold realistic beauty ideals within the media. Our main aim is to undo some of the damage done to body image across print and digital media outlets, supporting people of all shapes, sizes, races, genders, abilities and beyond. The press prioritises, shames and manipulates women's - and men's bodies, to encourage a certain body type on to consumers, which often leaves them feeling deflated, ugly, and unhappy in their own body.

What's the Story?

Unedited Media may have only been established in 2016, but its origins (unknowingly) go back over a decade. Unedited Media was founded by a fashion writer who traded in the world of high fashion for something more realistic, and much kinder to her mental health. The decision came about after realising something that should have been fairly obvious: if you're endorsing the kinds of attitudes that the fashion industry often preaches - even passively - you're part of the problem. With enough problems in the world, a solution, or something close to it, was desperately needed. The idea was to create a brand that celebrated women's style, beauty, and day to day lives in a more authentic and body positive way. Enter Unedited Media.

What We Want

Unedited Media want to provide content for our readers that can cover things such as fashion, beauty and lifestyle without the guilt and pressure that's often subconsciously put on female audiences. As a company, we aim to build a community that supports, uplifts and encourages women to reshape the way that they feel about themselves and their bodies. With that, we want to create platforms and initiatives that celebrate women beyond how they look.

The Unedited Projects

With time, Unedited Media aspires to expand, developing all aspects of the company and creating more opportunities.
Unedited Media's debut launch - The Unedit - is focused on women's lifestyle as well as celebrating progress across feminism and the body positivity movement.
We're also working on campaigning for issues that matter including women's rights, children's education and awareness for other important causes.
For our fashion-loving readers, our store will open soon, launching Unedited Apparel. There, you'll find products from t-shirts and sweaters to smaller accessories, and a large percentage of profits will go towards the maintenance costs of The Unedit and subsequent projects.
Look out for updates regarding Unedited Education and Unedited Active, two of our other initiatives that are in the pipelines, aimed for 2018 trials and 2018/19 releases. As for the rest of our projects? That'd be telling.