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What is The Unedit?

Long story short: we’re an online magazine that’s ditching beauty standards and BS that you’ll find if you flick through the pages of most women’s titles.

The media thrives off of making us feel shit about our bodies, and we’re done with it. The Unedit is a safe space for those who want a sweet escape from the companies that profit off of their insecurities. So many of our readers get in touch just to tell us how much better they feel when they read The Unedit rather than larger, mainstream titles — and that’s how we want everyone to feel. To find out more about us, click here.

What might I find here?

To be honest, a fair bit.

Our content is simple to navigate and can be broken down into six different categories: Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle, Body Talk, Wellness, Women, and Columns. Within those categories are myriads of topics, bursting full of articles to be enjoyed.

In 2019, we’re looking into different ways that we can offer content to you, so keep your eyes peeled for the new stuff!

Who’s in charge?

The Unedit was founded by Terri Waters. With a background in high-end fashion magazines, she was surrounded by the notion that thinner is better and got to discover the truth behind the smoke and mirrors of the industry.

The Unedit is part of Unedited Media Ltd, which you can find out more about here.

Is everything unedited?

We stand by our ‘no beauty standards, no bullshit’ policy. All images owned by The Unedit/Unedited Media have not been edited in post-production to make alterations to the beautiful bodies that we feature.

However, our daily posts cover a lot of external content, where we use third-party images, sometimes from brands, and sometimes from image libraries. That means that we can’t guarantee that every image we feature hasn’t been tweaked in post. Having said that, we would never post a third-party image that clearly has been airbrushed or digitally altered, unless it’s fitting to the specific content that it’s linked to.

With that in mind, we want to remind all of our readers that bodies can be manipulated in a matter of clicks, and we live in a society that champions a very specific - and unattainable - body type. In this day and age, photographs can be used as media weapons, endorsing unrealistic beauty ideals and leading us down the rabbit hole of comparison. Never take an image at face value, as, unless it’s one of our own, you’ll never be sure how much has been edited, or how much is even real. Please know that the images that we use on The Unedit are for nothing more than illustrative purposes, and pose no motive other than accompanying our content.

Do you feature triggering material?

Every now and then, we can feature some pretty hard topics, including eating disorder recovery, suicide, or sexual assault, just to name a few. But don’t worry: if there’s an article that could be potentially triggering, we place a trigger warning at the top of the piece in question, just so we can protect our readers.

Can I contribute?

The Unedit is run as a predominantly one-woman show, but our team can vary in size based on the number of interns/work experience, and volunteers that we have available at any given time. As a result, we’re always looking for talented writers whose values align with our brand and have interesting ideas to pitch to us. If that sounds like you, get in touch with us via the Work With Us page.

If you’re not a writer, but have suggestions for what kind of content you’d perhaps like to see more of, drop us a message on any of our social media channels, or via the Contact page.

How can I support you?

The Unedit is entirely self-funded, and we chose to remove our Google AdSense adverts in our latest redesign to protect our readers from ads that slipped through the strict filters that we had in place to make the site a completely diet culture-free zone. Occasionally, we feature affiliate links (you can read more about those in our Terms), which means that - at no added cost to you - if you buy a product through a link that we provide (like through our Reading List, for example), we make a small commission. Please don’t be deterred from buying via affiliate links, as the money we make from them goes straight back into keeping the site going.

We are regularly asked if we have a Patreon or similar crowdfunding account, where readers can pay a monthly contribution to help us with our costs. We currently don’t have anything like this in place, but if we ever do, you’ll be the first to know!

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