We're an open book
(but here are some Frequently Asked Questions)


What's it all about?

The media thrives off of promoting unrealistic beauty ideals on TV and in magazines, and we're pretty fed up with it all. The Unedit is a place to enjoy fashion, beauty, feminism and lifestyle, all without the negativity and unattainable beauty standards. We want nothing more than a safe and body positive space that celebrates incredible women doing incredible things.

What can I expect?

From news bulletins and hot topics discovered from the depths of the net, to guest columns and opinion pieces, The-Unedit.com puts it all together to create a fun, sassy and thought-provoking collection of online material.

Wait... you look different?

The main goal for The Unedit was to create a body positive hub for women to have access to as soon as possible, and we pride ourselves on providing new content on a near-daily basis. To get The Unedit to exactly where we want it to be, it takes time and money (neither of which we have enough of!) so we're constantly progressing. The site launched in June 2016 and was relaunched in October of the same year with a new (and pinker!) design, with user experience and accessibility in mind.

Can you ditch the ads?

Unfortunately, The Unedit requires full-time monitoring and sadly, nobody is paid and just existing costs a bomb. So, in order to continue to offer you free content, we have to use advertising as means of income. Yes they can be annoying, but they're helping to keep The Unedit alive!

So does that mean there's more stuff coming?

It certainly does!
We're super excited to see The Unedit grow. We don't want to give away too much, but our Store is coming soon, mapped to debut our first run of Unedited Apparel. We're aiming to work with as many body positive influencers as possible, to make The Unedit as diverse as possible. We see plenty more in our future too, but that would be telling!

Who's in charge?

The Unedit is part of Unedited Media Ltd, a UK-based company that focuses on the diversification of the media and education. If you want to see what else Unedited Media is up to, you can do so here. As for The Unedit's team, it's headed up by a fashion writer that stepped away from high-end runways and ad campaigns to give women what they deserved: an honest and relatable online platform.

How much is unedited?

We strive to promote realness wherever we can, and any images owned by The Unedit or Unedited Media are totally unedited. However, our daily posts cover a lot of external content, where we use third-party images. As a result, we can't guarantee that every image that we feature hasn't been tweaked in post-production. We source all of our third-party images so you'll know, but sadly we can't be sure how much editing has been done to them, so we want to stress to our readers that photographs can be altered and you should never take them at face value. Bodies can be manipulated in just a few clicks, and we're in a world surrounded by imagery that shames and bullies us into thinking that we should look a certain way. Please be aware that no photograph on this site has any other motive - if any - than to either inform or to make you feel inspired to accept, protect and love your body, no matter what it looks like.

Do you feature triggering material?

On occasion, we talk about issues that include eating disorders, mental health, rape and sexual assault, and other topics that readers might find distressing or even triggering. As a result, when we post about such topics, we place a trigger warning at the beginning of any text, in an attempt to protect our readers.

Can I contribute?

Of course! We love it when people get in touch to contribute a post, or even just an idea. Whether you want to share something as big as an opinion piece or you have a personal journey that you want to celebrate, you're more than welcome! We have a fantastic range of contributors at The Unedit, and the more, the merrier! If you're not the writer type? No problem, submit your story to us and the team can work with you to get you featured! You can get in touch on the Contact page. Not a big talker? That's okay, you can get involved in the conversation any time on one of our social media platforms.