This Model With Albinism Is Making History After Being Cast As The Face Of A Cosmetics Brand

This Model With Albinism Is Making History After Being Cast As The Face Of A Cosmetics Brand

2017 has been a year of firsts for the beauty industry. The long-awaited celebration of inclusivity and body positivity has begun, and proof of which is emerging in the form of male beauty ambassadors (we're looking at you, Manny Gutierrez), shades for all foundation (hey, Fenty Beauty) and important messages standing up for all beauty. But the latest cheer for inclusivity in the beauty world comes from cosmetics brand Wet n Wild and their latest campaign.

The brand have cast a model with albinism as the face of their new campaign, called Breaking Beauty. Whilst this doesn't seem something that should be a massive deal, it is, because it's the first time ever that a person with albinism has been the face of a major beauty campaign. As exciting as this is for model Diandra Forrest, this ain't her first rodeo. With a Calvin Klein ad and even Beyoncé's Pretty Hurts music video already on her CV, she's no newbie and most certainly one to watch.

Breaking Beauty was designed to focus on inclusivity whilst highlighting bodies and beauty in all their incredible forms, especially those that we as a society have been encouraged to disguise or distract people from. For Diandra, it was one of her biggest career goals to represent others who have albinism, and to help change the conversation around it within the fashion and beauty industry. Forrest joins four other models in the campaign, including Valentijn de Hingh, a transgender model and DJ, and Mama Cax, amputee activist and cancer survivor.

After feeling like there was no place for her in the industry, and being fed up with models with with albinism being marketed as 'otherworldly', she wanted to make sure that she worked on a project that normalised the condition. 'I wanted to do it for myself and young girls growing up,' Forrest said, talking to Refinery29. On Instagram when sharing the news of the campaign, she added, 'It's always great to be a part of a brand that celebrates diversity, and prides itself on being inclusive to all!'

Congratulations to Diandra and Wet n Wild for breaking down a new barrier and striving for real inclusivity!