Monday Hustle: Girl Power - Bringing Equalisation To The Sexes (And The Office)

 Monday Hustle: Girl Power - Bringing Equalisation To The Sexes (And The Office)

I think Geri Halliwell had the right idea in Spiceworld: The Movie when she turned into Bob Hoskins and stated this powerful line. Despite the band's overall 'girl power' branding, Halliwell was the feminist icon inspiring many with Union Jack dresses and addressing women’s rights. Little did she know back then in 1997 how important this would be for the working world and us career women.

In the past month, we've had three males in our office hand in their notice. This has nothing to do with any negativity or politics in the workplace; this is simply their personal development and next career move (plus purely coincidental). However, it means that our office is now TOTALLY female. How awesome and rare is that?!? Maybe we should be the new Spice Girls?

This means that us females are leading projects by ourselves. We are making decisions which will make a difference to the business. We are consulting some pretty high-up big-wigs about how their services could function to bring more profitability and effectiveness. We know our shit and we're serving it on a silver platter, in both heels and comfortable flats. 

It shows other businesses and companies the power of having females band together and dominate in an area of expertise - and not just for industries synonymous with females, like beauty or clothing. Wait, you have 20 females in one office who can simultaneously organise large meetings with directors, educate them on new skills they could use AND give them ideas for how to develop their business? Yes, and you can do it too! Wouldn’t that make a grand advertising campaign?


The females in the office are also not the ‘stereotypical females’ that may come to mind for some (whatever the hell that's supposed to mean, anyway). Everyone is their own individual and brings great strengths to the table. We are the working women who swear like sailors, and drink like our grandfathers in the navy. Most importantly, we confidently address men as our equals, rather than asking them what they would like us to get for them at Costa while they lead an executive meeting (although we are an office of coffee lovers).

We do not tolerate negativity from anyone, including each other. Yes, there are definitely improvements we can make - such as aforementioned articles for Monday Hustle such as the huge diet culture and gossip - but over time, this is hopefully something that we will learn from each other, making us even stronger. Because let’s face it, vaginas can withstand much more pain than a penis.

I know that I'm incredibly lucky to be working in this environment and that this is something that some working women can only dream of. This may sound like an ethereal illusion to you, but I trust that this is an environment that you can create in your workplace too. Togeher you can strengthen your ideas and your skillset, and unlock this next level of badassery that you never even thought possible. Even if your workplace is not all-female, hold tight: your male counterparts can be taught that, contrary to popular belief, it's not just a man's world.