These Are The Top 10 Most-Used Words In The Fashion World This Year

These Are The Top 10 Most-Used Words In The Fashion World This Year

When it comes to fashion, language can be complex. Need I remind you of *that* scene from Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestly savagely schools Andi? (You know, the one where every tween fan first heard of the word 'cerulean'.) With hundreds upon hundreds of fashion and lifestyle titles publishing articles daily, it doesn't take long for trends to emerge in the words they use as well as the fashion that they're talking about.

Ultimate fashion search engine List took the 8,610,630 words from the 30,000 published articles from 2017 across over 100 publications and, with the help of sentiment analysis modelling, was able to compile a list of the year's most popular words. It's also interesting, given the top ranking words and how they reflect some of the year's social and political climates. And so, starting from tenth and counting down to the top spot, here are fashion's top 10 words of 2017:

10. Vegan
Likely to do with the increasing popularity of eco - and animal - friendly attire.

9. Ugly
It's safe to say this is reserved for the rebirth of Crocs and Balenciaga's car seat skirts.

8. Cult
We live for the reincarnation of cult pop culture classics and its translation into fashion.

7. Masculine
Big overcoats, statement trousers and tailoring made masculine dressing for women the best fashion paradox.

6. Extra
Because why not?

5. Millenial
Very much a reflection of the zeitgeist, well for us millennials anyway...

4. Floral
'Florals... In spring? Ground breaking.'

3. Statement
Whether we've made them with our mouths or our clothes, it's unsurprising 'statement' has taken one of the top spots.

2. Woke
It's not just been Kylie Jenner realising things this year...

1. Power
2017 has definitely been the year to reclaim power and go forth.


Any bets on 2018's Top 10?