Missguided's Latest Ad Campaign Is Embracing 'Flaws' And We're Here For It

Missguided's Latest Ad Campaign Is Embracing 'Flaws' And We're Here For It

Using unretouched imagery isn't new for fashion retailers, but it's still making headlines like it's the first time we've ever heard of such a concept. Brands are being praised for their lack of airbrushing and for choosing not to edit out the things that we're encouraged to believe are flaws. And this time round, Missguided have launched an ad that not only shows off those 'flaws', but celebrates them.

The Make Your Mark campaign is an extension of the brand's Keep On Being You campaign, which they launched back in October. It features nine “babes of Missguided”, including models, bloggers and body positive activists.

Plus-size model Felicity Hayward features in the campaign and spoke about how vital it was for the campaign to exist: “I think it’s super important that we promote body confidence because let’s face it we were all both into this world as an individual and our individuality makes us beautiful,” she said.

“I love promoting my body, I love promoting my stretch marks, I love promoting my cellulite. I honestly believe that flaws do not exist. I believe that flaws are created by the media to make people feel insecure about their body and when we feel insecure that’s where they can make money.”

And the people respond to it, regardless of what the industry tries to say in defence of their excruciatingly exclusive beauty standards. In fact, it's proven pretty good for business; in the UK, Missguided's site has seen a 20% increase in visitors, and there's been a 12% jump over in the States.

Here's just one of the incredible videos that Missguided have released as part of Make Your Mark: