From The Editor: Just Getting Started

From The Editor: Just Getting Started

I debated what to write as my first From The Editor post. Do I mention my histories of disordered eating? Do I mention my career in high fashion? Do I mention my discovery of body positivity? Or do I just start with a generalised overview of the media what we're really trying to achieve here?

As we all know, media consumption is at an all-time high and shows no sign of slowing down. Media impact has to be treated a bit like climate change - we know we've fucked up and can't reverse it all, but we should do all we can to work towards a future that's not so damaging. And that's what we're here to do at The Unedit: to challenge media attitudes and bring change.

The relationship that we have with ourselves is basically becoming correlational with the relationship that we have with the media; as a result, the way that we view ourselves is becoming more reflective to that of what we have consumed from magazines, TV, advertising, even scrolling through our Instagram feeds. The women's fashion and lifestyle market is heavily saturated with glossies that nip, tuck, slim, trim and lie their way into our lives, making us believe that the only way to look is staring right back at us from a Vogue editorial. From a young age, we've been conditioned to think that the bodies that we have, that have been with us through thick and thin (literally), aren't good enough, and that how we look directly equates to our self worth and the level of respect we deserve. I won't wear that now, give it ten pounds. No!  Media taught us to hate the body we have and envy the bodies of others, and it is only now that people are beginning to wake up and smell the bullshit. What's so damn hard about being body positive?

I'd be ignorant to say that attitudes aren't shifting, or at least trying to. There's been progress; some plus size here; more racial diversity there; the casual throwing around of the term 'body positive'. But it's not enough. We, as a diverse range of consumers, deserve more. 

Here is The Unedit's promise to you:

You will never be told you're not good enough. You will never be shamed for your appearance. You will never be judged. You will never be spoon fed diet culture in disguise. You will never feel left out or discriminated against. You will never be forced into following a new trend or fad.

You will, however, be celebrated for who you are. You will be embraced. You will be made to feel at home. You will be allowed to live your life as you wish to. You will be encouraged to love yourself. You will be part of a community that you inspire just as much as it inspires you.

With that being said, I'd like to welcome you to The Unedit. We're honest, unapologetic, inclusive, and we're on your side. It's early days, and it may not seem like much up against an entire world of media, but you'll sure as hell notice the difference when you log off having gained self-love rather than a complex about the size of your thighs.

I've got my point across, we've made our promise, now sit back, read, even contribute if you like, and enjoy!