This Fashion Savvy Instagram Duo Are Raising Awareness About Albinism

This Fashion Savvy Instagram Duo Are Raising Awareness About Albinism

When 14 year old Lucy Carpenter met 12 year old Sammy McCombine six years ago at a Guide Dog Australia camp, little did they know that they'd be becoming social media stars years later.

The best friends from Geelong, Australia, were born with oculocutaneous albinism and decided to take to Instagram after being inspired by someone at their local Albinism support group. Sharing their love for fashion and photography, the pair celebrate their features and embrace the way they look in some majorly gorgeous outfits.

The girls have suffered their fair share of people staring and asking awkward questions; they sensibly ignore it and move on, despite occasionally feeling left out as a result of their condition. Their determination to prove their abilities despite their disability is inspiring thousands the world over, and their chic aesthetic is grabbing the fashion world's attention.

Not only are they super stylish, but even in their young age, they're both serious body positivity goals. Lucy thanks her parents for making her feel comfortable in her skin. Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, she said: "I've never had a problem accepting the fact that I look a little different and can't see as well as others. I believe that is because of my lovely parents, who have taught me that I am no different to anyone else." Similarly, Sammy says she loves her "unique look."

The girls say that their account, @lucy_and_sammy, is about more than just posting their favourite pictures: 'The message we want to send out is that everyone is beautiful, and that it doesn't matter what you look like or what condition you might have,' Lucy said.

Sammy also spoke about what they want people to take away from visiting their page saying, "difference is beautiful. We can raise awareness for albinism and teach people about us!"

The feedback that the girls have received so has been coming in thick and fast, and they're amazed by the support that they're receiving. "We have learned that everyone is so accepting of us and encouraging," Lucy said. "People all around the world are extremely interested in learning about our condition or enjoy talking to us because they have Albinism too. We get heaps of comments saying that people really enjoy our posts and telling us how beautiful we are. [They] always make us smile."

What's next for these two then? Their dream is to reach 10,000 followers online - and with just shy of 5,000 now, it won't be long - as well as the dream to be scouted for modelling.

Above all, they want to continue their journey of educating people about albinism. Lucy said: "I want people to know that we are not Albinos, we are humans. The term Albino is implying that we are our disability, when we are just normal people."

The fashion industry needs to show more people like Lucy and Sammy and strive to celebrate diversity more, so we'll wait patiently to see their faces - and their message - taking over very soon. Like their favourite Dr Seuss quote says, "why try so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out."