This Two-Foot-Six Vlogger Is Breaking Down Beauty Standards' Barriers

This Two-Foot-Six Vlogger Is Breaking Down Beauty Standards' Barriers

An 18 year old Marketing student in Michigan is taking the beauty world by storm with her YouTube channel.

Michaela Davert goes by the name FunSizedStyle on YouTube, and posts regular beauty videos. Born with brittle bone condition osteogenesis imperfecta, Davert wanted to create a channel in order to share her love for beauty and to also represent those with disabilities within the profession.

Talking to Barcroft Media, Michaela spoke about the lack of diversity and her determination to change it. "You never really see girls with disabilities in the make up profession so I wanted to change that and be a new face and a role model to younger girls and just have fun with it," she explained. "It's fun to put on make up and get all glammed up and put on a nice outfit. I absolutely love it."

Her condition made it difficult to make friends easily, because of how easily she "broke". With nearly 90 fractures in her life time, 25 related surgeries, and a lack of awareness for young people, she found it tough. "People were afraid to even get near me. I think that kids growing up didn't really understand the condition, so making friends and being around friends was a little bit harder," Davert said.

Despite her struggles, she had an incredible support system growing up. Her mum, Melissa, is a disabilities advocate and also suffers with osteogenesis imperfecta. She's Michaela's number one fan and said: "I think Michaela inspires people because she is overcoming life's challenges and living a happy life. We all have challenges in life and some are visible and some are invisible. And with Michaela and I, our challenges are really visible."

I think Melissa speaks for us all when she says what an incredible young woman Melissa is and how inspiring she is to us all. So what's next for Michaela? Once she's done with beauty, she's making moves into fashion.

"Currently, I have to buy children's clothes and Disney print and sparkles aren't ideal for every occasion," she joked. Finding it tough to find more grown up clothes for her two-foot-six frame, her dream is to move to LA and launch her own fashion line for bodies similar to her's. It's about time the fashion industry starts making changes that allow a wider range of bodies to benefit from the great style available out there and what Michaela's doing is a wonderful first step towards something great.

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