The University Of Copenhagen Is Officially Offering A Beyoncé Course To Its Students

The University Of Copenhagen Is Officially Offering A Beyoncé Course To Its Students

As Queen Bey celebrates her 36th birthday today, it ties in quite nicely that it's now official that you can actually study a course at uni about the diva/female version of a hustler.

The University of Copenhagen is the oldest university and educational institution in Denmark, and is offering a class this academic year titled 'Beyoncé, Gender and Race'. The class is due to be taught under The Department of Art and Cultural Studies, and apparently has already reached such a high volume of interest, that the scheduling is having to be moved to a larger lecture theatre.

Talking to TV2, Professor Erik Steinskog spoke about the course and it's focal points surrounding Beyoncé impact on society and important issues within it. He also said that the course aims to help students understand (and for some, be introduced to) the concept of the 'Black Feminist'.

Credit: Instagram/@beyonce

Credit: Instagram/@beyonce

Speaking more about the course, Steinskog said:

'We will analyze her songs and music videos. There will be a focus on gender, sexuality, and race. One of the goals [of the class] is to introduce black feminist thought, which is not well known in Scandinavia. We want to explore the kind of entity feminism is.'

He also called Beyoncé's career and consequential affect as 'a matter of academic interest', and added: 'Beyoncé is important in understanding the world we live in. Beyoncé is one of the biggest pop artists today, which makes her important in an analysis of contemporary times.'

This isn't the first time that a course has been dedicated to Beyoncé at a university, when Rutgers University in New Jersey offered a course named 'Politicizing Beyoncé' in 2014, which focused on her music and career to 'explore American race, gender, and sexual politics.'

So if you've ever sat and wondered, why can't I just study Beyoncé? and you live in Denmark (or are at least willing to commute), here's your chance.

Happy birthday, B.

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