39 New Year's Resolutions That Don't Involve Weight Loss Or Gym Memberships

39 New Year's Resolutions That Don't Involve Weight Loss Or Gym Memberships

Despite their eight percent success rate, every year we give ourselves a list (or even just one) resolution for the new year. Unfortunately, society seems to pin losing those Christmas pounds (or more) and getting yourself on treadmill in the first days of January at the top of the resolution list. But shouldn't we shift the focus of making the new year something less self-deprecating and more positive? You might have nailed many of these already, but here are just a few ideas for you to start the New Year with that you could try that don't have any mention of the words 'calories' or 'treadmill':

1. Be kinder. (To yourself and to others!)

2. That nasty habit of yours — try and nip it in the bud.

3. Work towards a promotion (or even a personal goal) at work.

4. Give yourself more time to practice self care.

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5. Cut out anything (or anyone) that’s holding you back.

6. Save money.

7. Start a journal.

8. Read more.

9. Get a new hobby.

10. You know that skill you wish you could do? Get learning!

11. Dance more.

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12. Take some time out to do some volunteering.

13. Accomplish something you never thought you could before. Prove your inner critic wrong!

14. Travel as much as you can. (Costs permitting of course!)

15. Say yes to more!

16. Recycle and be more conscious of the environment.

17. Be more organised.

18. Send handwritten letters to those you love.

19. Spend more time outdoors. (Though if you're not a big nature person, don't throw yourself into a camping trip in the wilderness.)

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20. Be more courageous.

21. Stretch every morning when you get out of bed.

22. Start a new tradition with friends.

23. Try your best to remember the important dates.

24. Have more fun.

25. Meet new people.

26. Appreciate the little things more.

27. Get more sleep.

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28. Stop procrastinating.

29. Give less of a fuck.

30. Be a better friend/child/sibling/ally.

31. Try a new look (maybe that hair style you were always too nervous to try?).

32. If you haven’t already, find your passion.

33. Be more social, beyond social media.

34. Cook a new recipe every month.

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Source: GIPHY

35. Do something nice for others every day.

36. Break a record, whether it be a personal one or even something from the Guinness book!

37. Fight for something you believe in.

38. Research your family tree.

39. Learn to enjoy being in your own company.