Do Tell, Michelle: 'I Can't Do It'

Do Tell, Michelle: 'I Can't Do It'

There aren't many times or things in my life that will provoke me to say these words:

‘I can’t do it.’

But when I say them, I mean them.

This can be you trying to convince me to skydive or bungee-jump, or simply draw an apple. Those are things I know I simply can not do. That, and singing. I can not sing. No matter how many hours I spend singing or how many hours I try to practice drawing an apple, sure I might get better, but I will still not be able to do it.

So what happens when you have no choice? What if the thing you cannot do, becomes a part of your job?

I found myself in that position a few years ago with Instagram — I can’t take pictures. I don't have the eye for it. But even though it will never be my strength, over four years, I learnt small things that helped.

Then it happened with YouTube — I can’t edit. Turns out, I can. I was just getting overwhelmed with the software and I'm the person that needs to be guided through it in person.

Well I've found myself in the same position with a new area of my career. And last night, I found myself throwing a mid-grade tantrum about how much I really can't do it. Then I stopped and asked myself, If I could do it, what would my idea be? If I could do it, and I was open to learning how to do it, what would my first step be?

And before the evening ended, I had come up with three ideas that not only am I impressed with, but I’m proud of. Just because you’re not a natural at something doesn't mean you shouldn’t try. It really taught me that I can throw as many tantrums as I like, but when it gets down to it, I force myself to grow up and change my mindset. Those little questions to myself did just that.