3 Ways To Spend Valentine's Day That Don't Involve A Significant Other

3 Ways To Spend Valentine's Day That Don't Involve A Significant Other

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The one day each year where cheesy gestures are not only acceptable, but expected, and large displays of affection are posted all over social media. Valentine’s Day is known as the day of romance and love, and is specifically targeted to those who have someone (or multiple someones, for the polyamorous inclined) special to spend the day with. But does that mean those of us without dates are supposed to sit home, hide in the dark with a tub of ice-cream, and wallow? Fuck, no! There are plenty more exciting ways to spend the 14th if you don’t have a significant other to get all lovey-dovey with.

1. Celebrate self love

We all know Valentine’s Day has become the international day of love, but why does that have to be limited to romance? Take this day of love and make it your own. Even better, make it all about you! Have no-one to write a Valentine’s card to? No problem, write one to yourself! Put into words all the reasons why you are wonderful, and why you deserve to be loved, by both yourself and others.

Prepare your favourite meal, watch your most cherished films or read the book you love the most! Rediscover a forgotten hobby, or even just put aside half an hour to have a long relaxing bath and wash away some of that daily stress. Make some time to do the things that you normally struggle to find the time to enjoy. Trust me, you owe it to yourself!

2. Make it a ‘Pal-entine’s Day’

If you want to do something more social than have a bit of me-time this Valentine’s Day, then why not gather your mates around to celebrate the day together? Some of you may have heard of ‘Galentine’s Day’ but I am instead declaring it ‘Pal-entine’s Day’, because there’s nothing to stop the single lads joining in, and enjoying a good bromance this Feb 14th! 

It’s time to gather the lads, gals, boys, baes, BFF’s, G’s and B’s, and even the QT’s (plus any other letters of the alphabet you like) together to make this Pal-entine’s Day one to remember! Let your friends know just how much they mean to you, and spend the day (or a few hours in the evening for those of you with very busy schedules) having a catch up and sharing the love!

3. …Famentine’s Day?

Okay, so that one didn’t really work, but you get the idea! If you haven’t seen your Dad in a while, you’ve lost touch with your grandparents, or if you’ve been meaning to call your sister but haven’t found the time, then now is your chance to remind them just how much they mean to you! Even if your favourite family member is your second cousin twice removed, they’d still love to know you care.

What I’m trying to say, is that Valentine’s Day is the day of love, and it gives us all the perfect opportunity to express our love for everything around us which we hold dear. 

Find the things - and the people - that bring the most light into your life, and take the time to celebrate them this February 14th!