These Statistics Will Show You How Sexual Assault And Abuse Impacts Women On A Global Scale

These Statistics Will Show You How Sexual Assault And Abuse Impacts Women On A Global Scale

We now live in a global culture that has normalised the continuation of sexual violence. But, amongst this tragedy, there is a growing global awareness of the problem – and a demand for the voices of those affected to be heard.

Women are starting to feel confident in speaking up and being taken seriously in their pain, even in places it may have seemed unthinkable before. This confidence grows with every social media hashtag (think #MeToo and #TimesUp), every conversation opened up about a women’s experience of sex and every lesson learnt on the often-ignored realities of consent. And while women living in countries such as the UK, US, and Australia fight from a higher position of privilege than that of some parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, it is now more important than ever that we continue to become allies for women suffering in silence around the world.

We looked at global statistics covering sexual harassment and assault across the continents and it’s horrifying to say the least. This is the harsh reality of the world we live in, and here’s a breakdown of the facts:

In the UK...

increase in reported sexual offences between September 2016 and 2017

sexual assaults reported across England and Wales

women are raped every year

sexual assaults take place every hour 

of the combined 202,666 individuals who called the Rape Crisis helpline, and the 67,059 who accessed their specialist services, who were female

of rape victims who know their attacker prior to the offence

of women have reported their assaults to police

In the US...

seconds between sexual assaults 

individuals who experience sexual violence in a single day

sexual assaults in a year

of rape victims reported to be female

1 in 6
women will survive an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime

of these female survivors will go on to attempt suicide

7 in 10
victims know their attacker before they are assaulted 

In Canada...

1 in 4
women have been sexually assaulted

of rape victims identify as female

8 in 10
perpetrators are family or a friend of the victim

of women have reported their assaults

In Australia and the Pacific...

of Australian women have experienced sexual assault over the age of 15

of Australian women report experiencing non-penetrative sexual abuse before the age of 16

of women across the Pacific have experienced violence at the hands of a partner

In Asia...

of women in Bangladesh have experienced sexual harassment, as well as...

of women in Cambodia,

of women in India, and

of women in Vietnam

In the Middle East and Africa...

of Arab women have reported experiencing some form of violence

of women in Egypt have experienced some form of sexual harassment

of women in sub-Saharan Africa have reported violence at the hands of their husbands or partners

Across the Globe...

of women have come forward with reports of sexual or physical violence

women are assaulted annually 

sexual assaults on young girls every year

4 in 10
women have experienced sexual or physical violence from a partner

If you are a victim or have been affected by sexual assault or domestic abuse and require support, please head to our Resources page, select your country, and we'll direct you to the appropriate organisations and helplines.