10 Self Care Tips You Should Try Putting Into Practice This Year

10 Self Care Tips You Should Try Putting Into Practice This Year

March is a funny time of the year. The weather is crap but spring is on its way. Half of us are excelling with our goals for 2018; the rest of us barely remember what our new year resolutions were. But not too worry - we’ve got a load of self-care tips ready for you.

1. Your head comes first
Here’s a need-to-know about me: I am the Queen of procrastination. Essay due? I’m sure I can find an appropriate, time-wasting alternative to do instead. But don’t tell yourself that time committed to your mental wellbeing is unproductive. You’ve got to commit some time to your head. Bath bombs, scented candles, and ABBA playlists aren’t wastes of money if they make you happy. Self care goes beyond things that can often get costly; simply relaxing in a warm bath, sitting down to read your favourite book, or meditation are just some of the many acts of self care you can try that won't break the bank.

2. Have a social media detox
Social media can be a pretty good thing. But sometimes, you’ve got to have a break. It doesn’t have to be for long – maybe just a section of the day, even – but log out of your accounts and turn off notifications. Step away from the constant stream of information and just focus on yourself.

3. Clean up
A tidy house is nicer than a messy one. Just clean it. If you need some extra motivation, sort yourself out a good playlist.

4. Learn to say no without apologising
If you want to take care of yourself, it can be worth thinking about what you want. Are you going along with your friends because you want to, or because it’s expected of you? We often confuse self-care with selfishness, but you don’t need to feel guilty or stubborn for standing your ground.

5. Take a good look at yourself
This one’s an easy one to do, yet many of us overlook it. Next time you’re rolling your eyes at that ugly mug glaring at you in the mirror, stop for a second. Stop getting stressed that your winged eyeliner doesn’t match. Stop grimacing at that spot which – let’s be honest – nobody has even noticed. Look at yourself in the mirror. Really look. Every time you put yourself down, ask yourself would I talk to anyone else like that and think it’s okay?

6. Get some sleep
It varies, but most people need around seven to nine hours sleep. Maybe so, but a lot of us aren’t getting that. Commit one morning to telling anything before mid-morning to piss off, and have a well-earned lie in. 

7. Get out of there
You’ve got to give yourself a break from that day-to-day routine, girl. It’s going to turn your brain to mush. Have a spontaneous road trip. Book a last minute holiday to that destination you’ve always fancied going to, but tell yourself you’ll never save up the pennies for. Even just heading out somewhere local that you've never been to before for the day is enough to clear your mind if you're watching your funds. Whether you're gone for a day, a week, or a month, you'll feel better for it.

8. Stay hydrated
Have you been looking out for yourself lately? When was the last time you drank? Give your skin a helping hand and bat off those oncoming headaches. Never underestimate the power of a good cuppa.

9. Write things down
Sometimes stress levels get high and it seems impossible to make sense of any of the thoughts in your head. So get them out – write that shit down. It can be pretty therapeutic letting everything tumble out of the claustrophobic walls of your head and onto paper. As a writer, I should know. 

10. Tick things off
It’s okay if you’re a bit behind. It’s okay if your organisation hasn’t been a priority lately. But we both know you’re going to feel better if you just get that week-old errand off of your to do list. Get some stuff done. Watch that movie you’ve been saying I really want to see that about all year now. Put some big fat crosses on your bucket list. And once you’ve done them, think up some more.