Cynthia Nixon Just Announced That She's Running For New York Governor And Our Inner Miranda Is Screaming

Cynthia Nixon Just Announced That She's Running For New York Governor And Our Inner Miranda Is Screaming

Remember when you used to watch Sex and the City with your girlfriends, and you'd all call dibs on the characters, and nobody would want to be Miranda? Now, all these years on, Miranda Hobbes is the only woman we want to be (I mean, we'd love a bit of sex positive Samantha Jones too though, right?). Miranda Hobbes was the one that, in hindsight, we could all relate to most. She gave no fucks, worked her arse off in an industry full of men, didn't let any fuckboys mess her about, and got shit done. All whilst worrying that she'd die alone and get eaten by her cat, ordering Chinese takeout every day of the week, and eating massive cookies that express feelings.

Our flame for Miranda — and Cynthia Nixon — was already pretty strong, given Nixon's background in fighting for women's and LGBTQA+ issues, and taking a heavy interest in politics. Then yesterday, she announced her candidacy to go up against current NY governor Andrew Cuomo, and that fire burned even brighter. Her campaign video (below) addresses New York's issues surrounding poverty and mass incarceration, as well as the public transit system. These are all issues that Nixon has spoken up about before, but this time, they will be a core focus of her gubernatorial campaign.

Her first rally took place today in Brownsville, Brooklyn, one of New York's most deprived areas. There, she spoke more about her ambitions as governor and the things that she's fighting towards changing, including expiring rent laws, which affect large amounts of the state's population. If Nixon beats Cuomo in the race, she'll not only be the first female governor of the state, but the first openly gay one, too.

Talking at today's rally, she said: “This year thousands of women all over America are running for office for the first time. And we're realising that if we want things to change, we have to do it for ourselves. I am humbled and inspired by these women, and I am honoured to join their ranks.”

Here's hoping that our Sex and the City fave continues to present herself as a strong leader to help make big changes for the people that are being hurt by the system.