This Cruelty-Free Beauty Brand Has Just Added Vegan To Their Resumé

This Cruelty-Free Beauty Brand Has Just Added Vegan To Their Resumé

Milk Makeup launched only two years ago, but since its inception it's been known for its cruelty-free ethos, which has drawn lots of attraction to the brand. The founders behind the brand recognised some of the chemicals that go into beauty products, and so their initial mission was to create a product range that was as safe and natural as possible. The first footsteps to creating that was with the removal of parabens, sulfates, SLS, SLES, formaldehyde, mineral oil, and talc, all of which still appear in many of our beauty favourites. But now, the brand have decided to take themselves to the next level and offer 100% vegan products.

The beauty brand follows other cosmetics names such as Kat Von D Beauty, whose entire collection is vegan, and Hourglass Cosmetics, who are on a mission to be completely vegan by 2020. As Milk found that the replacement ingredients of those they chose to omit didn't sacrifice the efficacy or quality of the product, it soon became clear that turning the brand to veganism would be an easier move than initially thought. 

'There is no animal product or byproduct that doesn't have a safe natural or synthetic alternative,' explains COO Dianna Ruth, who also believes that by taking this route with Milk means that they will continuously be looking for new innovations in the beauty world in terms of healthy ingredients. Just a couple of examples of natural replacements for formulas currently in circulation by Milk are mango butter and avocado oil, both of which offer easy switch-outs for more potentially harmful substances that you'd find in similar products from other brands.

The brand's website talks about their shift in ingredients, reading, 'Even if you have yet to go vegan from a nutrition or even a fashion standpoint, there's never been a better time to take a vegan approach to your make up and skin care. You'll get the same, if not better quality and efficacy without compromising your values.'

Whilst Milk is still a relatively new brand on the beauty market, their ethos is sure to make them a longstanding contender in the near future.