Do Tell, Michelle: Bra Free, Stress Free

Do Tell, Michelle: Bra Free, Stress Free

I've been having a lot of conversations about boobs lately.

It started with an enlightening evening when watching Pitch Perfect around the words 'burger nips'. (Do. Not. Google.) It's a horrible phrase and an even more horrible mentality behind it. I truly don't get it. I think all boobs are incredible. Small boobs, big boobs, perky boobs, saggy boobs. They are wonderful fun bags of fat, what's not to love? (Except for the back pain... and bras cutting into your shoulders... but I'll get back to that in a bit).

This idea was lingering in the back of mind when a bunch of my girlfriends came over for an evening of trying on clothes I was giving to charity. Mid-changing, we started talking about the diversity of boobs, the effects of porn and nipple placement. I can't say I'd seen many boobs in the period of my lifetime, so the only pair I have to compare it to is my own.

Without much thought, I'd always assumed everyone else's were similar to mine, maybe smaller, maybe bigger, but nipple placement? In just one evening I discovered that your nipples don't always sit in the middle of your boob — some point downwards, and some have a huge areola around it. There are diversity in nipples - how cool! So why isn't it spoken about?

Over the weekend, I kept thinking about it. Of course, I'd heard about the #freethenipple campaign and more recently, The Slumflower's #saggyboobsmatter campaign, but any time those came up, I would be like, Amazing! I wish I could join in, but mine are too big. What nonsense!

So on Monday, when I wanted to go out into the garden and get a tan and I found myself staring at my wardrobe trying to figure out how to get the least tan-lines, I realized it was the perfect time to try going bra-free outside of my house for the first time! It's now Wednesday, and I've left the house five times without a bra.

I'm still not brave enough to do it for meetings or hypothetically, for a date, but every so often, why the hell not?!