10 Chub Rub Solutions That Your Thighs Will Thank You For This Summer

10 Chub Rub Solutions That Your Thighs Will Thank You For This Summer

This rare occurrence that I’m told is known as ‘sunshine’ has taken the UK by surprise recently. No, this is not a fake news story – summer actually looks like it’s here. But when we combine summer with a decent pair of thick thighs, we are faced with a rather irritating problem. I’m not talking about sticking to plastic garden chairs (which albeit, is annoying af), I’m talking about chub rub.

We’ve got plenty of love for a good pair of thunder thighs, but the uncomfortable chafing that comes with them? Not so much. Plus, that weird waddle/hobble/walking squat that you do to try and keep your thighs apart to avoid a potential fire hazard (if you know, you know)? Nope, not a fan.

Don’t worry though – we’ve got a few recommendations to help you conquer chub rub. Try out the following hacks this summer, and showing off those luscious legs will look and feel fabulous.

1. Shorts

A breathable (and make sure comfortable) set of shorts are the perfect barrier to stop that unwanted friction between your thighs. Try body positive brand Undersummers to rid of chub rub without the diet culture undertones attached to the likes of Spanx. (P.S. Undersummers offer free worldwide shipping!)

2. Bandelettes

If shorts aren't for you, perhaps go for something a little less conspicuous. Bandelettes are elastic lace bands which you can pop around your thighs, stopping any chaffing while looking a little sexier than the often-ugly shapewear-style shorts you may come across.

3. Cut up some tights

Want a more affordable alternative to shorts and bandelettes? Well listen up, my friend. Those tights you were just about to throw out, since you already laddered them: keep them. Cut them to the length you want, and slip them on under a skirt. Chub rub gone.

4. Talcum powder

If you’re after a cheap and cheerful remedy, talcum powder will do the trick. It doesn’t normally last for more than half an hour, but it works well on sensitive skin and is easy to slap on.

5. Silky Underwear

No, we aren’t on about buying some raunchy lingerie (although we’d never say no to that either). This is the name of a dusting powder from Lush. This is a level up from talcum powder, at the generally higher price of £6.95. However, it will last much longer and it smells amazing.

6. Lanacane

This is a product that our editor, Terri, has been using since she first came across it back in 2011. Initially produced for athletes and others prone to chafing, Lanacane is a silky smooth gel that keeps thighs fresh in warmer temperatures without the friction. You can find it in most drugstores, so it's easy to get hold of, and it's a bit cheaper than Silky Underwear, retailing at £5.99.

7. iRelief by ivyVerDure

Another chafing solution that you can get your hands on online, iRelief is an 100% organic and vegan formula that serves as a great option to help with the dreaded chub rub. Available in 30g and 60g sticks, the all-in-one is a bit pricier than previous options (£9 and £13 respectively), but as a jack of all trades — it helps with blisters, cracked skin, and more — you may find it worth the purchase. It's also sweat and water-resistant, making it ideal for frolicking in the sea on beach days.

8. Corn starch and coconut oil

This power couple works wonders. While the corn starch absorbs moisture, coconut oil is soothing with anti-inflammatory properties. Throw the two together – aim for about a third corn starch and two thirds coconut oil – and slather it on those thighs. It can be a little messy, but a small amount goes a long way. 

9. Avoid shaving  

This is more of a tip than a problem solver, but it's good to know. Shaving your thigh area can cause irritation, so consider saving yourself the hassle and forget about the razor. It won’t stop the chaffing, but it will certainly help reduce it.

10. Roll-on deodorant

Personally, I think this one’s my favourite. It’s quick, easy, and pretty cheap. Plus it’s something that the most of us will have laying around the house. Get yourself an unscented roll-on (ones for sensitive skin work best, although any will do the job) and stick some between your thighs. You’ll probably need to reapply it every few hours, but this non-greasy solution is a life-saver.

You're welcome.