9 Gift Ideas For The Special Women In Your Life

9 Gift Ideas For The Special Women In Your Life

Mother’s Day is coming up. For the lucky majority, Mother’s Day is a day where we shower our mums with love and gifts, showing our gratitude for everything she’s done for us. But for others amongst us, it can be a difficult time and a sad reminder of mothers who are no longer with us, mothers who we no longer have a relationship with, mothers who we never met or grew up without, mothers who never gave us the chance to get to know them, and so on. So with that in mind, this gift guide is for more than just treating a mum, if you’re lucky enough to be able to do so. It’s a gift guide for a sister, an aunt, a grandma, a friend, a godmother – basically any woman that you feel deserves to be celebrated right now. The great thing about the wonderful women in our lives is that they’re all so different, so we’ve got ideas for each of them. And whilst gifts aren’t important – it costs nothing to show someone you care – we can guarantee that they’ll be pleased you bought them one of these…

For the bookworm

If the incredible woman in your life permanently seems to have her head permanently stuck in a book, then why not gift her with a body positive title that she won’t be able to put down? The number of body positive books are mounting up thick and fast, and just a couple of clicks on Amazon can get your number one a stack of books that are sure to inspire, move, even cause deep belly laughs, all in the name of body positivity.

Our top recommendations include Body Positive Power and Am I Ugly? (bestsellers written by our columnists Megan Jayne Crabbe and Michelle Elman), as well as Lindy West’s Shrill (now a TV series on Hulu!) and Landwhale by Jes Baker. If fiction floats her boat more, Dietland by Sarai Walker and Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy will be definite winners.

For the writer

It’s common that those whose brains overflow with words and find themselves attached to a notebook or computer keyboard letting them pour out have a fondness (see: obsession) for stationery – especially that of the pretty variety. A customised gift set, like these stunning options from Papier, ensures that your special novelist/playwright/scribbler/diarist never runs out of pages to fill.

For the foodie

They say money can’t buy happiness, but money can buy a nine-course taster menu, and that’s basically the same thing. So if the lady you’re showing some love to enjoys a slap-up meal, then a taster menu is a perfect chance to experience ALL THE GOOD TASTES. Especially if the restaurant’s main menu looks so buff that you’re having trouble making decisions over what to eat. There are culinary gems everywhere, so be sure to do some research about who offers what and where. Bookatable is a great place to look for where to try, plus they’ll book your place so all you have to do is sit back and work up that appetite.

For the icon

If you’re looking to celebrate an icon with your icon, this is perfect. As part of a year-long celebration marking her 75th birthday, Diana Ross: Her Life, Love And Legacy, is a one-night only treat for fans across the UK, Ireland and selected territories across Europe on March 26. A remastered version of her 1983 concert, Diana Ross Live In Central Park, the film also shows never before seen footage of Diana and her family as they look back at her legacy and just how that fateful night in Manhattan became “the performance of a lifetime”. The charity gig to raise funds for the Diana Ross Playground in Central Park attracted near to one million fans, breaking records and marking a defining point in Ross’ career. 

Just 25 minutes into her set, an unforecasted storm hit Central Park, with thunder, lightning and 50mph winds battering the Supreme alone on the stage. As the storm intensified, she made the decision to continue performing and to ensure the safety of the 800,000 fans slowly leaving the park. Like a true icon, she promised them that she’d be back the following day to give them a better, drier, show – and she sure delivered. Diana Ross: Her Life, Love And Legacy will have you struggling not to sing and will keep your feet tapping throughout. You can check MyCineplace (UK/Ireland) or Fathom Rocks (Europe) to find participating cinemas, but don’t worry if you can’t make the 26th – there are encore screenings at selected cinemas until April 4.

For the globetrotter

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who spends more time anywhere else in the world than they do in their own home, we might just have the thing.

Aspinal of London’s travel wallets offer chic organisation in the form of a mock-croc or saffiano leather pouch, with room for boarding passes, travel documents, passports, other important cards and forms of identification. With monogramming also available, add a personal touch to it, and give them a place to keep their trips in check with absolutely no chance of leaving anything behind. In fact, you might just have convinced them to get a couple more stamps in their passport with this beautiful addition!

For the theatre-goer

If a night out at the theatre is what the lady wants, then a night out at the theatre is what the lady gets. Whether it’s local, the West End, or Broadway, going to a show is always a great treat, especially when there’s such refreshing and exciting productions waiting for you to soak up.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie promises catchy music, drag queens, and dancing in killer heels. Basically, a dream. You can catch teenage drag superstar Jamie New doing his thing at Apollo Theatre. Six has become a phenomenon in itself; its soundtrack has found its way into the UK pop charts, as the six wives (beheaded and divorced) of Henry VIII give major queen vibes with their big voices and undeniable girl power at Arts Theatre. If you’re looking for something sweeter – like pie, perhaps – then Adelphi Theatre’s Waitress might just be for you. Its wholesome exterior and hilarious (and in some places, crude) interior will guarantee you unexpected laughs.

For the drinker

If the way to their heart is something of the alcoholic persuasion, there are a zillion choices for treating them to their favourite tipple. Hotel Chocolat’s Gin Collection is a must for any gin-ophile, which boasts milk chocolate puddles, dark gin truffles, plus Hotel Chocolat’s award-winning Cocoa Gin. What’s not to love about that?

For the hard-worker

The hard-worker not only works ridiculously hard (hence the name), but she often fails to give herself any time to just be – and it’s easy for people like this to not make self care a priority. So what do you do? You do the legwork for them – all they have to do is show up. And what screams relaxation more than a spa treatment? If you’re looking for a spa day, weekend, or pampering minibreak, Spafinder is a great way to see what’s available near you. If you’re thinking more of an option that gives just a couple of hours of serenity (after all, the hard-worker is generally always busy), Lush offer some amazing treatments which you can browse on their website. Our personal favourites are The Good Hour deep-tissue massage, The Comforter? chocolate body scrub massage, and Validation Facial.

For the good listener

Someone who’s a good listener remains such an important person in life – they’re always there, ready to lend an ear (and often a shoulder to cry on, too), whenever you need. The support that they provide is invaluable. If you’re thinking that maybe they might be needing a break from listening to the heavy stuff, show your gratitude through a subscription to an audiobook service, like Audible. You can buy monthly Audible credits from the Gift Centre so that they can choose what they’d like to listen to, or, if you’ve got something specific in mind, you can do that too.

Whatever kind of woman you’re celebrating, and whatever role she plays in your life, be sure to let her know exactly how important, and how loved, she is by you. Just knowing that alone will be better than any gift!

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