CoverGirl's #ProjectPDA Campaign Is Here To Stop Make Up Shaming

CoverGirl's #ProjectPDA Campaign Is Here To Stop Make Up Shaming

American cosmetic giant CoverGirl teamed up with Ipsos to conduct a survey with over 1,500 women about make up. The results were startling as half of women surveyed said that they felt uncomfortable making up their face in public.

With subway adverts stating: "everyone wants to look their best, but it's a subway car, not a restroom", and other people judging and being 'offended', it's no real surprise that so many women feel this way. Society's pressure on female appearance seems to follow the idea that women have to look pretty and pulled together - which totally doesn't have to involve make up at all - but their processes in order to look as such is something for behind closed doors. (It's a pretty similar outlook to that of which society has on breastfeeding: bottle feed and you're not giving your child the best, but if you do breastfeed, heaven forbid you do it in public!)

The outcome of the survey showed that women needed to be re-empowered when it came to the 'ritual' of putting on make up, and sent over 500 women to the streets and subways of New York City to do just that. See how it went below:

A representative for CoverGirl said:

"ProjectPDA (that’s “public display of application”) aims to change that. The campaign spotlights self-expression through makeup, challenging the idea that anyone should feel the need to apologize for or hide their use of makeup. And the message that you should be able to apply your mascara or slick on a coat of lipstick anywhere you want is just one small part of the movement; on a larger scale, it’s about ending people’s tendencies to police women’s appearances and judge them for embracing their beauty."

And to that we say puh-reeeach!