This Lingerie Brand Is Helping Women With Ostomy Bags Feel Sexy

This Lingerie Brand Is Helping Women With Ostomy Bags Feel Sexy

At the age of 20, Jasmine Stacey was severely ill and battling Crohn's Disease, which resulted in her having both her large intestine and her rectum removed.

It's unsurprising that the surgery took a toll on her self-esteem; she was left feeling 'dewomanised' and unsexy as a result of the stoma bag that was fitted to her stomach. Focused on only the positives, Jasmine decided to let out her frustrations by getting creative, and started designing lingerie "with ostomies in mind".

Fast forward five years since her surgery, the UK-based Jasmine Stacey Collection is a flourishing brand, although the designer admits that the collection is more of a hobby, whilst she works in nursing full time.

The Jasmine Stacey website says that the brand is focused on supporting "those who may have experienced living with scares, stretch marks, stomas, or who feel unconfident about their abdominal region in conventional underwear." Pieces available in sizes UK 8 to 18 and from 32B to 38E cup.

Every single body has a story - some more visible than others - and they each deserve to be embraced and celebrated, not to mention feel sexy. It's truly incredible to have a brand working to raise awareness for issues that are often stigmatised, leaving many to suffer both physically and psychologically. The Jasmine Stacey Collection proudly support Purple Wings, a charity that helps those suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) with ostomies regain their confidence.

The pressures put on women to look a certain way has such dire effects generally, let alone when they're faced with something that can make their body look even more different. Chronic conditions can be both visible and invisible, and it's already proven that sexy underwear can give you a boost, even at the toughest of times (honestly, how can the stunning Ravine Bodysuit NOT make you feel good?!). No matter what changes have taken place in - or on - a woman's body, she should be allowed to look in the mirror and love what she sees, and it's wonderful companies like the Jasmine Stacey Collection that have got her back.