It Only Took Amanda Seyfried One Tweet To Spectacularly Shut Down 'Mum Shamers'

It Only Took Amanda Seyfried One Tweet To Spectacularly Shut Down 'Mum Shamers'

Scrutiny follows you wherever you go when you're a celebrity or a new mother. However, when you're both a celebrity AND a new mother, everything intensifies tenfold. We've watched some of our favourite female celebs and their parenting methods come under fire, and it's sad to admit that no matter what you do, you can't really win. One of the biggest debates amongst all the baby talk revolves around feeding. Breast or bottle? Is breast best? Are you damaging your baby by bottle-feeding them? The commentary surrounding what's best for the baby is endless.

Personally, I see it as, as long as you're feeding the damn baby, who gives a shit whether it's via boob or bottle?! But then again, I lack that maternal je ne sais quoi - and am yet to even think about becoming a mother - so my input is likely inessential.

Enter our favourite Mean (weather)Girl, Amanda Seyfried. Having given birth to her first child in March, the actress has had her fair share of people telling her what the supposed do's and don'ts are of child-rearing. And yes, that includes all breast vs boob discourse. Seemingly pissed off with everyone's unsolicited advice, she took to Twitter to shut down the shaming that women face as a result of choosing the 'wrong' side.


The judgement surrounding women and the choices that they make when raising children is as overwhelming as it is unnecessary, when really how people choose to parent their kids is nobody else's business. It's great to see mothers with a platform dismantling the stigmas attached to motherhood.