Monday Hustle: I Am (Career) Woman, Hear Me Roar

Monday Hustle: I Am (Career) Woman, Hear Me Roar

I do love the smell of the working week.

My strong work ethic is something that was instilled in me from a young age by virtue of some tough love and an early morning paper round. It taught me a sense of independence and the value of money. It taught me how to respect my boss and the people I work with. It taught me time management and how to find a work/life balance, even if at the time, my social life included nothing more than sitting around the local park 'smoking' candy sticks with friends.

I knew from a young age that I wanted to better myself, and one way to do that was through my career. I was brought up by hard working grafters, doing the nine-to-five day in, day out, after which their other job (parenting) ran into overtime. My parents spent many an evening helping me with homework and driving the importance of learning, and let me make it clear when I say that this lesson had nothing to do with straight A’s; it was about doing the best that I could at any opportunity that came to me.

All through school, college and uni, I worked fucking hard to make sure that I entered a career not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I was determined to stick my middle finger up to the social stigma of working ‘because you have no choice’. I’m a firm believer that you do - in some way - have a choice, you have a choice to graft your path and create your own future. I say this because if you are truly passionate and have found your calling, you will do whatever it takes, even if in some cases that equates to balancing three jobs to save up the money to go back to school.

A degree was a goal that I’d personally set for myself, but I completely understand that going to university is either not a possibility, or just not for everyone. I'm aware of the economic privilege that I have that has allowed me to go to university and get my degree, whilst many people have to stay on their grind just to stay above water, let alone think about further education. I know many people whose intelligence is far superior to mine who never pursued a degree, but have amazing careers in industries where they’ve been fed knowledge and experience like a juicy burger; they’re empowered by their leadership to develop their skills and be promoted into higher positions. Other people I know aren’t necessarily climbing the ladder - because that’s not always what matters - but are happy, keeping their passions alive and working towards their goals every day.

If you haven’t found your calling yet, haveno fear. I truly believe that if you are doing a job that lets you grow as a person, pays your bills or allows you access to the things that you want in life, ride on. If that job helps you to achieve another goal like buying a house or going travelling or funding a family life, ride on. I say this, all as long as your work is done with conviction and your passions continue to flourish. I believe that everyone has the right to work in a job that they love. If it’s not a job that you love, then I hope that it’s a job that is helping you to achieve your goals ready for your next one.

But I digress in the throes of passion for work life. I personally refuse to be among the zombie hoards I walk past at eight o’clock every morning. I am the Lesley Knope of the working morning: sickly sweet, annoying to those who have not yet had coffee, and productive as fuck.

Monday Hustle is here to bring sunlight and scandal to your Mondays. Okay, maybe not scandal - I’ll leave Olivia Pope to that - but I do promise to provide a true glimpse into the Monday madness of a career woman.