Humpday: Happy Humpday!

I am a plus-size woman. I have fluctuated between a UK size 14 and 16 for the past eight years, and last year reached a size 18, the biggest I have ever been. But I was, and am, happy and healthy, and have always advocated for not giving a fuck what others say or think about my size and/or weight because it’s my sexy body. I go to the gym three to four times a week and my mental health shows my strength with self-love and confidence. Another fun fact: I love sex. Sex with others, and myself. Nothing quite builds up sex confidence and de-stresses you like a good orgasm… Pizza perhaps is a close second. Have you heard the way people moan when eating good pizza? Surely that says something.

Between myself and my fun-loving, body positive friends, we have done it all. We’ve had one night stands. We’ve had fuck buddies. We’ve had long-term partners who want to spice things up and keep things sizzling. We’ve had the good, the bad and the REALLY amazing sex. We have each been fulfilled by sex positivity. And with the help of your stories, we’re really covering the whole shebang. 

Last week, we asked you for your stories about sex. We asked for the good, the bad, the ugly, and the awkward, and we got a fair share of all of those things. Here are just a few to start us off:

Every week, we want to hear YOUR stories. We’ll ask a new question every week that’ll give everyone a true insight into your most intimate moments. I personally believe that everyone should be open to how anyone likes to express their sexuality, and wipe away any ignorance with some good ol’ sex positivity lessons. I want to hear about your passionate sex, your humorous sex, your empowering sex and everything in between.

Our question for you this is this: what goes through your mind when you see a VERY attractive person in public? Do you start to undress them mentally? Do you think about how you would initiate conversation? Do you keep them for your special bank for a bit of you time when you get home? Juicy details, we want it all.

Send your stories via The Unedit's Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Keep ‘em coming. (No pun intended.)

Happy Humpday!