Missguided Is Getting Scolded For A Ridiculously Size-Exclusive Feminist Slogan Tee

Missguided Is Getting Scolded For A Ridiculously Size-Exclusive Feminist Slogan Tee

We're big lovers of t-shirts, especially when there's a slogan. The current trend (which we're somewhat lapping up) is the feminist slogan tees, which are circulating fashion retailers both in stores and online, but there's one that's caused uproar (and quite rightly so).

Missguided - very much similar to the likes of Boohoo - is a brand which tries desperately hard to get all of us on board with their reasonably-priced style, yet often fail on numerous levels. Their latest and greatest face palm is the brand's 'Feminism T-Shirt', a white slogan tee that has the word feminism emblazoned across the chest, followed by a dictionary-style definition. Great, right? Well it would be, if their idea of feminism (or what it takes to be a feminist) expanded beyond a UK size 14.

The £12 ASOS exclusive was initially blasted on social media by Emily Clarkson, daughter of Jeremy Clarkson, who tweeted the amazingly sarcastic: 'YAY. Come be a feminist. Curvy girls need not apply. WHAT THE FUCK?! Never has @Missguided been a more appropriate name for a business.' Love it.

Twitter then went into meltdown with other people attacking the brand for their lack of inclusivity, with one user tweeting, 'Large is size 14? FFS.'

Clarkson wasn't shy to bash ASOS either for allowing stocking 'like this', with the sizing selections offering 'S/M - UK 8-10' and 'M/L - UK 12-14'.

This isn't the first time that brands have co-opted feminism as a fashion trend and forgotten what intersectional feminism is actually about, with body inclusivity playing a major part in it. Sadly, this is just another example of companies profiting off of a movement that they seem to know very little about. You'd think after something as ridiculous as Boohoo's #AllGirls cock-up the other week other brands would take the opportunity to learn from these kinds of stupid mistakes, but clearly not.

Maybe one day. Sigh.