Gabi Gregg's Latest Collection For Swimsuits For All Just Dropped, And Now We're Begging For Summer To Hurry Up

Gabi Gregg's Latest Collection For Swimsuits For All Just Dropped, And Now We're Begging For Summer To Hurry Up

Gabi Gregg is no novice to fashion design. With her and blogger friend Nicolette Mason's brand, Premme, plus her longstanding collaboration with Swimsuits For All, she knows what she likes, as well as what others want to see. With her 2018 swimwear line with Swimsuits For All dropping this week, we're rubbing our hands together and looking forward to slay the summer with the latest pieces.

Talking to Fashionista, Gregg opened up about the collection and how her design process has evolved since previous years. “I feel like this collection is more sophisticated than my previous ones — I definitely think I grow as a designer each year and it shows. I also like to push myself into trying new styles; this is my first collection featuring a string bikini top. We also expanded our size range to include size 10 and select styles up to size 26. It's something I consistently get feedback on, so I'm really glad we were able to do that this year.”

Looking beyond the collection, the campaign itself is incredible. Gregg wears the collection alongside plus model Philomena Kwao and sexuality educator and activist Ericka Hart in the depths of the jungles of Belize. The running theme throughout the campaign was 'Survivor', and the imagery was inspired by the Destiny's Child song and music video. But even then, the inspiration went beyond the sizzling campaign imagery, but what both the music video and the campaign also had in common was that it was lead by three strong black females. This isn't something that happens much when it comes to casting, as race amongst other factors continues to create an uneven playing field in the modelling, TV and film industries. The three models together symbolise power, beauty, and how there's no reason we should avoid diversity.

Gregg's next goal is set: “The next big hurdle is really pushing intersectional representation—so not just seeing bigger light-skinned hourglass bodies but also more races, darker skin colours, different body types and abilities, and on a much more consistent basis,” she told “Diversity shouldn’t need a “special issue” or a themed runway – it should just be a natural part of casting and hiring.”

The ten piece collection consists of four bikinis, four one-pieces and two cover ups. Prices range from $78 (£58) and go up to $150 (£111), with some available to buy now and the rest available to pre-order on Swimsuits For All