Do Tell, Michelle: You're Tired Of Being Knocked Down, Now What?

Do Tell, Michelle: You're Tired Of Being Knocked Down, Now What?

I found myself sat in my life coach's office yesterday properly sobbing. As you may have picked up from bits and pieces on my Instagram stories, my year has been one shit show after another. What I want to say is that I haven't been feeling like myself, but I know that's a load of bollocks because who you are is not a static state.

Anyway, this year has felt like non-stop emotional work. I face one hurdle, I overcome it, I process all my emotions and as soon as I'm back on my feet, I have one or two good days when I'm like, yay a good phase, let's go!, and then two days later, boom! Back down on the floor with next to no recovery time from the last phase.

Everyone last year kept saying this. How many times did we hear people say 2017 was the worst year ever? Well my 2017 was hands down my best year ever. So I guess I was overdue for my turn.

Obviously, as you will have seen everywhere, my book is also coming out next month. At times this year, it's been the only thing I've had to hold onto. But I won't lie, yesterday, the words 'Why now? This is the worst timing ever! My book is coming out in a month! I don't have time for this', came out of my mouth.

But then I realised something: has your life ever fallen to pieces at the best time ever? No. It's always the worst timing, and that's because there's never a good time to be dealt a pile of shit. Also, now that I believe in spirituality, I believe these trying times are 'tests' to level up, and when's better to throw a test your way when something big is about to happen?

I don't really have that much advice this week but if you are going through the shit, I'm here with you too. Let's hope the sun starts to shine soon. Sending you all my love as we get through this together!