14 ED Recovery Articles And Resources That Could Help Someone This Eating Disorders Awareness Week

14 ED Recovery Articles And Resources That Could Help Someone This Eating Disorders Awareness Week

This week is Eating Disorders Awareness Week, or EDAW for short. Here at The Unedit, eating disorders (and subsequently, eating disorder recovery), is a topic very, very close to our hearts. Approximately 1.25million people in the UK currently are suffering at the hands of an eating disorder, and whilst we regularly discuss them on our platform, we want to make sure that we’re making them as available as possible, even long after they’ve been published. So, if you’re looking for some additional support from The Unedit team - including wise words from some of our influencer contributors - you can find some of our top picks listed below (please pay attention to our trigger warnings).

Eating Disorders Resources
If you need professional advice or more extensive support, our Eating Disorders page within our Resources Directory is a pretty great place to start. With several websites, charities, and helplines listed, these people know best and can point you in the right direction to kickstart or maintain your recovery.

Ask Bodyposipanda advice column
Week after week, influencer and The Unedit columnist answers your questions about all things body positivity, eating disorders, recovery, and more.

Articles About Eating Disorders & Recovery
Recovery is complex and manifests itself in different ways for each individual, but regardless of the various bumps in the road that you may encounter, it’s totally worth it. Recovery, whilst excruciatingly hard, offers opportunities for you to gain parts of your life back you never thought imaginable and allows you to learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

Articles About Recovery And Holiday Season(s)
Times where people are brought together - families especially - can be a living nightmare for someone with an eating disorder. Celebrations like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Eid, Easter, Passover, and so on, are focused around a meal, or just food in general, which is the last thing you need when you’re struggling. Here are some of our handy pieces from holiday seasons past that might help your next big gathering.

This year’s EDAW is focusing on breaking down barriers and debunking myths surrounding who can have an eating disorder. All people are susceptible to experiencing an eating disorder in their lifetime, despite a YouGOV survey showing that six out of ten people believe that eating disorders only affect young people, and a shocking 39% of adults mistakenly believing that only white people suffer from them. EDAW’s campaign looks to counter the stereotypes commonly put forth in society about eating disorders and the warriors who fight them day after day.

It doesn’t take much to help support EDAW either! Share your story, or if you’d rather not, just share the EDAW campaign on social media. Put up posters (which you can find on Beat’s website) around your local community, or even consider raising money as part of the Sock It To Eating Disorders campaign.