10 Fat Fashion Faux Pas Completely Shot Down By Fabulously Stylish Women

10 Fat Fashion Faux Pas Completely Shot Down By Fabulously Stylish Women

The fashion industry constructs its seasonal elite with the help of various unwritten rules that — according to the experts — can make or break an outfit. With that, over time it's easy for us to grow up accustomed to specific fashion faux pas that we should desperately avoid, especially when you're plus size (or of a body shape that doesn't fit the general mould of what is beautiful). We've made a short list of the don'ts that society has come to push through fashion editorial, styling tips and other forms of fashion media and, with the help of some fabulous bloggers and influencers, ripped down all fat fashion commandments:

1. Thou shalt not wear horizontal stripes.

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2. Thou shalt not don thy bathing suit or bikini in warmer weather.

3. Thou shalt not show thy body's shape in bodycon.

4. Thou shalt save thy crop tops for times of flat abs.

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5. Thou shalt not wear short shorts. Ever.

6. Thou shalt not buy a skirt that sits above thy knee.

7. Thy leggings are not thy pants.

8. Thou shalt not wear anything sheer or lacy.

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9. Thou shalt not wear sexy lingerie, but rather stick to M&S cotton briefs and a t-shirt bra.

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10. Thou shalt not stand out with thy brightly coloured staple pieces.

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And with that, here's a top tip: if you think it looks awesome but you're worried society might say otherwise — fuck 'em.