Want Sass? This LA Fashion Brand Can Hook You Up

Want Sass? This LA Fashion Brand Can Hook You Up

If you love fashion, a no-fucks-given kind of attitude, and a hint of passive-aggressive, look no further.

LA-based fashion label Valfré has us blowing our paycheques in minutes with all of the stylish sass that they're serving up. Take-no-shit slogans and cute designs are put on tees, totes, phone cases and more, and we want it all.

After launching in 2013, Valfré has brought major attitude to fashion, and we love it. The woman behind the great pieces is Mexican-born artist Ilse Valfré, who wanted to create unique products for women.

Not only will Valfré's pieces give your wardrobe a feminist update, but its passive-aggressive messages will do the talking for you. Unfortunately, we couldn't feature the entire collection, but here are just some of our favourites:

T-shirts start at $42, whilst totes run at $26 and phone cases $38. Also look out for their amazing bombers, hats and stationary.