Chrissy Teigen's Level Of Realness At Beautycon Reminded Us Why We Love Her

Chrissy Teigen's Level Of Realness At Beautycon Reminded Us Why We Love Her

Beautycon LA held a weekend of panels, tutorials and keynotes with the likes of Kelly Rowland, Laverne Cox, Tess Holliday and Joyce Bonelli gracing the festival with their wisdom.

One of our all-time favourites, Chrissy Teigen, was on the itinerary for the weekend, and sat down for a Fireside Chat moderated by Zuri Hall. There, to undoubtedly the largest crowd of the entire panel schedule, Chrissy opened up about everything, but what caught our attention was how relatable her anxieties surrounding beauty standards and society's expectations were.

As a parent, Chrissy admitted that she's fearful of the future and how damaging beauty standards will be for her daughter Luna, one, and what kind of world she'll be growing up in. She also spoke about how apps such as Photoshop and Facetune made her feel 'insanely inadequate' as she failed to measure up to what the apps encourage as beautiful.

Then - in true Teigen style - she addressed the crowd with words that could've come out of the mouths of you or I, showing that she's only human after all.

“There have been times I've cried to John, where I felt like I would never have that body. Everyone has a butt now, and curves, and a little waist – and that's not me,” she said, admitting that she often is envious of the body ideal that is pushed by society. “I'm jealous of those bodies and I want that, but I also feel like I really want to be cool with my body because of people like you guys.”

The love she has for her fans and those who look up to her shows clearly with Chrissy, and she spoke about how she's mindful of what she posts on her social media. “That's why I don't posts many make up selfies, because I don't feel anyone knows what a real face looks like anymore, and it kills me that we have to completely wash a face or body out for it to get likes.”

Chrissy also opened up about her career as a model, and how she saw other models with stretch marks and scars, which were erased and never seen by the public. She condemns society's idea that such things are imperfections and said she wishes that they weren't seen as such, and how it should be seen in the mainstream in order to normalise such things.

During the panel, she also opened up about her struggle with postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter, and how anti-depressant Lexapro has been her saviour.

“Would I prefer not to take something? Absolutely,” Chrissy admits. “But it works for me [...] I have such a great life. There's no way I could possibly be sad. I have everything I want.” She acknowledges that mental health issues can affect anyone, and money, fame or how happy you should be to the outside world. “But it can happen to anybody. When you're in that hole, you feel like you’ll never be out of that hole. You can't even ever imagine being happy again. And I'm very happy again!”

We love it when celebrities talk about their insecurities and mental health, because it's important to show the rest of the world that it can happen to anyone, that the way that we feel is normal and that it's possible to bounce back. It's also nice to know that body worries happen to the best of us, and that people like Chrissy Teigen are there to help us bring down beauty standards and exist in a more accepting and inclusive society.